Wellbeing awareness resources

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Welcome to your wellbeing awareness toolkit

To help you promote wellbeing within your organisation, we have created a toolkit of downloadable resources. From posters and graphics, through to activities you can run with your teams, we have put together a diverse range of content to support your wellbeing at work activities. 

You are free to use these resources as you deem appropriate but we have suggested some uses in the descriptions below. If there is anything else you need or if you have any queries, please email [email protected]

Starting the conversation about wellbeing

It can sometimes be difficult to talk about wellbeing at work. Here are some useful tools to help you start that conversation.

Top tips

Here are some top tips for managers who are looking to start a conversation with a member of their team. It is helpful to print this sheet and have it with you.

Download tips on starting the conversation

*NEW* WEMWBS wellbeing assessment

Complete a short wellbeing assessment across your team. Each individual will need to complete the assessment and they will be given a wellbeing rating based on their answers.

Click here to complete the wellbeing assessment

Tool to spot the early warning signs of distress

This tool is to be completed by the individual experiencing distress, and should be updated regularly as a way to monitor the signs. You could use this tool to base discussions around wellbeing at work.

Download tool to spot the early warning signs


Here is a selection of wellbeing activities for your team. They are a light-hearted way of starting the conversation around wellbeing at work.

Mental health awareness quiz

Download our short mental health awareness quiz, perfect for breaking the ice before a team conversation about mental health at work. This can either be read aloud from the screen or printed and filled in a pub quiz style – remember to hide the answer sheet!

Mental health awareness quiz

Answer sheet

Team wellbeing exercise

The wellbeing of others in the workplace affects the wellbeing of the whole team. This activity is intended to be completed in a group with the aim of answering the question around how can we support each other’s wellbeing? We’ve started you off with some ideas, discuss how you could put these into practice within your team and fill in the blanks to include the things that could really support your wellbeing at work.

Team wellbeing exercise

A game to find out what you know about stress management

Played as a team, this is a great way of discussing stress at work, and how to manage it. Print the sheets single-sided, cut across the solid line and fold along the dotted line. This should create double-sided cards. Lay these out, question side up and discuss within your team whether you think the statements are true of false. Then turn the cards over to reveal the answer!

Download TRUE or FALSE game

Mindfulness at work daily activity sheet

Print these mindfulness activities and keep them at your workplace. Tick off the activities as you do them.

Download daily activity sheet 


The button below will take you to a folder containing multiple images, ideal for use on your intranet, internal communications or printed newsletters to promote wellbeing at work. 

Download images


Our videos are ideal to use on intranets or through your other internal communications channels. Please use the links above the videos. If you would like the video file, please email [email protected]

Overview of our services video available at: https://youtu.be/sOIQlzQypnI 

30-second overview of myrtwellbeing.org.uk available at: https://youtu.be/JuJtkQ7gOGA


Display the posters in your staff areas to get individuals thinking about wellbeing at work. You can always use this space to promote the retailTRUST services which are available to you and your colleagues.

Wellbeing awareness month poster

Tips to improve your mental health poster .    Tips for mindfulness poster

Stress awareness poster      Developing you poster .    Financial support poster

Life events poster .    Looking after you poster  

Overview of retailTRUST services  .    myrtwellbeing.org.uk promotional poster


Booklets and guides

For times when you need some more information, access our detailed guides which give an overview of each subject area and the related services on offer. Many of the booklets are available as printed copies for our wellbeing customers. If you would like to order these along with our other collateral, please visit our resources page

Guide to retailTRUST services .    A guide to our counselling services . 

A guide to stress and building resilience .    Tenovus Cancer Care guide . 

A guide to modern slavery .    Critical incident guide

Email signature

Use the following image at the bottom of your internal emails to remind colleagues of wellbeing awareness month.

Right click and save this image to your computer.

If you have any queries, please email [email protected].