Digital content to support wellbeing

Transforming wellbeing

A brand new addition to the holistic support offered by retailTRUST is our wellbeing website. The confidential site contains expertly curated digital content which can be personalised to support the wellbeing of you and your colleagues.

Our aim is to make it easier for people to reach out and access personalised tools to manage their wellbeing, get help and develop their skills.

Key features

Personalised wellbeing toolkit – 100% confidential

Through our new wellbeing site, retail employees can create their very own personalised online wellbeing toolkit. Individuals can view a diverse range of topics covering personal wellbeing, life skills, financial assistance and life events. The content is tailored to their evolving needs and interests, and all the information is totally confidential.

Reviewed by experts

The content has been examined by our expert panel and gone through a rigorous approval process with only around 30% of the articles proposed being published to the site. This process of curation ensures the credibility and validity of the resources on offer.

Multidimensional learning

There are over 300 pieces of content in a variety of formats including personal experiences, top tips, professional guidance, and online courses. The content is constantly updated and monitored to ensure it meets the needs of your retail employees.

Wide-reaching and accessible

The reach and accessibility of this digital content is critical to providing self-help resources to your geographically diverse workforce. It is device-friendly and works on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Anonymised insights

We can provide you with anonymised insights to help you meet the needs of your team.

Cliff Lee, Head of Wellbeing at retailTRUST, reveals: “We are thrilled to be diversifying our offer with our new mywellbeing site. This life-changing initiative offers retail employees proactive and preventative self-help resources, so they can get timely support before any issues escalate.

“The site is designed to be personalised to assist individuals and meet their needs throughout their lives. Employees can access the website through their retailer who will need to have signed up to the initiative.

“With over 300 pieces of digital content to support a person’s home and work life, this latest addition enables retailTRUST to deliver all-round wellbeing support including face-to-face, over the telephone, on site and now digitally. The mywellbeing resource will enable us to help more retail employees and make a difference to their lives.”

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For more information on how you and your colleagues can get full access to the mywellbeing digital resource, complete the form below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Cliff Lee at [email protected]

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