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There’s nothing more rewarding than making a difference to someone’s life. Spare a few hours for a chat, or use your skills and experience to increase our charitable influence. Be the one to make a difference and feel first-hand the effect we have on individuals. 

With volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and skills, they are living proof that there is no barrier to making an impact.

"The team at retailTRUST was wonderful."

“This was my first volunteering experience, and the warm welcome I received from the team at retailTRUST was wonderful. Everyone was incredibly helpful and kind... and the skills I have acquired through volunteering have greatly assisted in my search for employment."

Volunteer opportunities

There are all sorts of ways you can support retailTRUST as a volunteer. Find out about some of our volunteer opportunities below.

People against loneliness (PALs)

Spend time chatting, listening and learning from the retired retail professionals that live with us. Be there, and you’ll soon be seen as a friend.  

Support office roles

These office-based roles allow you to use and develop your skills and expertise to make a direct impact on our charity and the people we support. These volunteering opportunities can be a great way for you to gain valuable work experience.


Have fun and set yourself new challenges by fundraising for retailTRUST at upcoming events and initiatives. This is a great opportunity to participate in generating much-needed income for the charity, while helping to raise awareness too.

Community friend

Whether you’re helping in one of our cottageHOMES estates, cafés or shops, or maintaining the garden or driving, as a community friend, you’ll play a positive role as part of our residents’ community.

"I feel I am making a positive contribution."

“I feel I am making a positive contribution to things. I enjoy meeting and socialising with people. I enjoy making new friends and feeling part of a team and a community.”

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