Creating social value

We continue to embrace social and economic impact as the core part of our social value measurement to ensure we are improving the lives of the people we support.

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Social value is a way of expressing the effect our services have on the people we help. Our approach to social value follows the principles of social return on investment (SROI). 

We work out the social return on investment ratio by calculating the value our services offer to people and their communities, against the cost of delivering those services. To do this, we are working in partnership with Social Profit Calculator who use the HM Treasury Unit Cost Database, the Global Value Exchange, and Office for National Statistics data.

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Social Profit Calculator uses robust, auditable social return on investment (SROI) to provide an accurate account of the value created. Social Profit Calculator works out fiscal savings, economic benefits and social value as part of SROI calculations to show a monetary value created by our activities.

Social Profit Calculator was founded in response to the Social Value Act 2012 which has made it a legal requirement for public sector organisations to account for the social, economic and environmental impact and value during the planning, procurement and delivery of projects and services. Using the latest technology, the Social Profit Calculator provides valuable insight and data analytics, paving the way to financial, social and wider community benefits. Social Profit calculator is accredited by Social Value UK and Social Value International.  

Social return on investment (SROI) ratio 

retailTRUST delivered over £35 million of value to individuals and local communities creating an SROI ratio of £4.81 for every £1 spent. This includes savings to the NHS through improved health and wellbeing, reduced welfare benefits, and increased HMRC revenue through supporting people to find employment.

Improving lives

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